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About Hotel Job Center

Hotel Job Center (HJC) is an initiative by private hoteliers who wish to have access to more qualified team members more feasibly. Hotel employers spend up to tens of thousands of dollars a year for unproductive advertisements and job placement services; we thought there might be a better way; HJC is free of charge to post job openings and resumes.

Hotel Job Center is a career search site. To have access to various tools we provide, we and/or the employers ask you for information about your career and pertinent personal information. You determine what information you want to include and which of our services you want to use. If you don’t want to provide certain information, skip those sections.

Hotel Job Center takes absolutely no responsibility for the activities of job applicants or employers profiling or advertising on the Hotel Job Center.

Hotel Job Center also takes no responsibility for any employers’ hiring, recruiting, or other practices or, for that matter, any of the information that employers or others’ post or download to Hotel Job Center. Nothing on Hotel Job Center shall be considered an endorsement, representation, or warranty with respect to any employer, applicant, or other third parties.

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