Dear Job Applicant,     

Thank you so much for being so interested in Hotel Job Center. 

This website is not a mass application platform; we believe it is better if you know the hotel you would like to work at and for the hotel to hire someone seriously interested in working in their hotel. 

The mass-application websites are proven to be a waste of time for both hotels and job seekers. They also added to job instability.   

So, do the right thing. Apply to a hotel you would like to grow with and spend a few minutes filling up a short application. Massclicking on hundreds of jobs that you even don’t know what they are is a disservice to you and the business. 

You should be able to find the link via the hotel’s social media page, signpost, or directly from the front desk. 

The webpage structure for each hotel looks like this one, while nnnn is different for each hotel. 

Thank you, and we wish you a rewarding career.